The excitement of playing Questland: Turn Based RPG

Holaa, all RPG game lovers, don’t admit to being a lover of RPG games if you haven’t played this one game, this game, which was released on August 29, 2017, is one of the games made by Gamesture, which of course you have played other games, right?

It’s quite easy to play this one RPG game, you only need to arm your hero so that you can defend the truth in the country of Valia being attacked by monsters from the darkness, this first-person game is very interesting because when you compete you just walk and meet the enemy that is blocking. , then kill him, of course your hero must be armed so that he is strong in defeating the monsters that confront you.

When you start playing, you will be given the option to choose the server where you will play guys. then you will be directed to the barber shop to dress up your hero the way you want, quite exciting isn’t it? You can make the appearance of a male or female hero with lots of choices and of course making this initial character is very exciting.

After you have successfully created the character you want, you will be directed to do various quests, the name is also questland so you have to complete missions to get prizes that can strengthen your heroes, guys. This one game is 3D, guys, the graphic form of this game is really interesting because it is different from other RPG games, don’t you believe it? Install and play Questland: Turn Based RPG.

After you can complete the given quest, of course you will get various kinds of attractive prizes, if you are just playing this game, of course there are lots of prizes given to new users, such as daily login, and you will get gems in “earn gems” in the option. “More ‘and much more that this game provides for you, admin can say that this game is very generous in giving prizes.

Of course, you will be directed to open chests in order to get the best items that you can use for your character, there are 3 chests in this game:

• Silver Gear Chest

This one chest is given free every 10 minutes and if you want to open it without waiting for you to spend 50 gems, this chest is considered to have a not very good possibility of getting items, because only green, blue, and waiting items are available.

• Golden Gear Chest

This chest is not much different from the Silver Gear Chest, the only difference is the possibility of getting a bronze item is greater. This chest is not given for free, you have to spend 100 gems to open it.

• Eternal Gear Chest

This chest is the most interesting, it is not given free of charge, but the items in this chest are better, namely blue, waiting and orange guys. You can open this chest using 300 gems, which is no less interesting, you are sure to get an orange item after opening this chest 10 times.

The admin will explain a little of the colors contained in the item, guys, so that you understand when playing and don’t take the wrong step when getting the item, the order is like this:

• White: Common

• Green: Uncommon

• Blue: Rare

• Superior: Epic

• Orange: Legendary

So this is the reason why the admin recommends always opening the Eternal Gear Chest, of course when you get an orange item it can make your character stronger, guys.

In this game, you have to be able to upgrade the items that you get so that you get additional power from these items, you can also add orbs to the items that you strengthen, don’t forget to upgrade the orb to make it stronger, guys.

When you meet an enemy you only need to combine the balls on your screen, they can be combined into 2 or 4 to be stronger in attacking, this one game also provides auto play so you can play it casually. The key in this game is that the more you complete the quest, the stronger your hero will be. Install and play the game Questland: Turn Based RPG and feel the excitement.

Author: Bella Knight