The development of the Mobile Legend Bang Bang in Indonesia

Surely the readers have often heard or even played the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game, right? This one game is growing very fast and attracts many people from all walks of life to play it. The game, which was released on July 11, 2016, is growing very rapidly in Indonesia, it can even be said that this game beat other games.

The three readers play this game, how many seconds will it take to get a match in playing? Surely it won’t take long, right? This shows that there are quite a lot of users who play this game, and each match the readers will also get different opponents, right? Are you curious about how many players play this one game? Okay, the admin immediately told the number of Mobile Legend Bang Bang game players around the world

• In 2016 the number reached 30,000,000 players

• In 2017 the number reached 70,000,000 players

• In 2018 the number reached 130,000,000 players

• In 2019 the number reached 200,000,000 players

Not a small number, not friends? This MOBA game is quite successful in marketing the game, and imagine how much profit this Mobile Legend Bang-Bang will get.

We go back to 4 years before this mobile legend bang bang entered Indonesia, of course readers will ask – Ask when you hear the word MOBA, MOBA is not an abbreviation of Mobile Legend, friend, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where players from different countries can meet in one match mode.

It is proven that this MOBA game has successfully attracted the attention of the Indonesian people when it was released in 2016, our country is counted as one of the countries that contributed greatly to this one MOBA game. Moonton as a developer gives awards to Indonesia by making a unique hero from the country of Indonesia, namely Gatot Kaca, and has a sound effect that makes this hero unique compared to other heroes, Om Telolet Om.

With a development that can be said to be quite successful, this MOBA game also holds periodic international tournaments. In Indonesia, there are tournaments that are certainly big, what are the tournaments? The first is the MPL ID and what is no less big is the 2019 Esport President Cup tournament, this tournament is in great demand because the prizes are not half-hearted, the total prizes given in MPL ID reach 1 billion friends and the total prizes given by The Esports Presidential Cup reaches 300,000,000 million. Imagine if the readers have a reliable team and can win it, playing games can make money, it’s good guys.

Do readers already know what MPL is? Yes, MPL is the highest league of Mobile Legend Bang Bang which was inaugurated by Montoon as the developer of Mobile Legend Bang Bang. This tournament has been eagerly awaited in various parts of the country including Indonesia itself.

It can be concluded that the development of the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game has been very successful in entering our country, Indonesia. Until Kominfo also gave input to Montoon to open an office in Indonesia with tips in order to increase the national market and as a means of developing creativity in the Indonesian homeland.

The changes that occur in this game can look very interesting in playing it, new heroes with various skills are also constantly given by Montoon so as not to lose their players. Reworks for old heroes are key to attracting players’ interest. The addition of unique battle modes also makes lovers of this MOBA game even more attached and don’t want to let go of playing it. This one game can be played just to get rid of feeling tired or even used as income because there are many small tournaments held by the event. Okay, until here the admin helps readers find out about the development of this favorite game, thank you for reading this article, greetings MOBA.

Author: Bella Knight