One Punch Man: The Strongest Game for Anime Lovers

Manga and anime lovers must have been waiting for this one game for a long time, right? One Punch Man: The Strongest was released on June 16, 2020, this game immediately jumped to the number of users because the game based on the One Punch Man comic and anime is a game. first for Android and IOS based smart phones.

Good development by Playcarb and good publishing by Finger Fun Entertainment made the game One Punch Man: The Strongest based on cards and gacha and has the same storyline as the comics and anime.

Playcrab certainly spoils its lovers by supporting this game in several languages, gais, the languages ​​that gamers can choose in this game include:

• English

• Indonesian

• Thai

• Traditional and simple Chinese

Quite helpful in the understanding process in the game, right? You can download this game via the App Store and Google Play and of course it’s free. One Punch Man: The Storngest game is a combination game of 2 very popular models for mobile game lovers, namely cards and gacha. In addition to the good graphics, this game has an advantage where the voice actors are the original voice actors from the anime series.

Curious? Just download it and feel the true excitement in the game One Punch Man: The Storngest. There are 4 characters in the game One Punch Man: The Storngest, namely

• Hero

• Criminals

• Monsters

• Martial Artist

Gamers can combine the four characters to get an advantage in this battlefield. Imagine the four characters becoming one in a battle? Certainly very exciting, right? Admin also plays this one game because admin is one of the anime lovers. What admin feels when playing the game One Punch Man: The Storngest is:

• This game makes us not easily bored in playing it

• This game is unique in its storyline

• This game doesn’t take long to get energy

• Many bonuses that can be claimed every day

• Easy to get Diamond in this game

• Many roles that can be combined and will add effect in battle

Forming a unique combination in a team of gamers also makes this one game have its own excitement. Gamers can also choose combinations such as roles, series and factions to make the gamers play more exciting.

What is unfortunate that the main character in the anime series One Punch Man: The Storngest, namely the bald one or “Saitama” cannot be owned by gamers, in this game saitama only has an additional role which remains skillful, namely One Punch Man or one hit against K.O. Understand why it is not the choice to become a hero, because it will be easy to win if you have the bald one in the gamer team.

The admin will give a little leak about the most powerful and most wanted Hero in the game One Punch Man: The Storngest.

• Saitama

Camp: Hero

Role: One Punch K.O

Skill: A hit that can directly make K.O opponents

• Genos

Series: Hi-Tech

Camp: Hero

Role: Berserk Burn, attacks against one column

Skill: Machine Gun Blow & Incinerate Blast

• Mumen Rider

Series: Combat

Camp: Hero

Role: An encouragement for a team

Skills: Justice Punch, Justice Roar and Inyielding Justice

• Tatsumaki

Series: Super

Camp: Hero

Role: An attack that deals massive damage to all enemies in the arena

Skills: Tatsumaki Charge, Super Strom and Focused Rage

• Fubuki

Series: Super

Camp: Hero

Role: Attacks all enemies and locks the enemy’s energy

Skills: Mind Storm, Hell Storm and Super Protector

All heroes are made with the basics that are not far from the comic and anime series, play the game now if the gamers haven’t downloaded it, the admin dares to convince anime and manga lovers that this one game will make gamers forget the time. Enjoy playing, gang.

Author: Bella Knight