Game Mode in Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Holaa, universal MOBA game lovers. Surely you have often heard of Mobile Legend, or have you even played it, right? Yes, this MOBA type game has been played by many people, not a few of you are definitely the ones who brought this game to a more serious level, right?

This game, which is fairly easy to play, is the main choice for players to be able to spend time and even look for income. This game can pay off if it is run seriously, there are so many parties that make the tournament this one game.

On this occasion the admin will discuss a few of the modes in Mobile Legend Bang Bang that have other fun besides rank, friends.

1. Classic

This one mode is usually played to learn heroes, in this mode you will meet other players, not computers, guys. In this mode you will play 5 vs 5 and still fight for the main tower to win.

2. Rank

This mode is similar to classic mode, but the difference is in this mode gamers are fighting for victory to increase your tier rank. This tier will give you a skin season that is very interesting or can give you popularity among your friends, no wonder this mode is the most frequently played. The order of tiers in Rank is:

• Warrior

• Elite

• Master

• Grand Master

• Epic

• Legend

• Mythic

• Mythical Glory

3. Brawl

This one mode is still played 5 vs 5, but the difference is that you only have 1 line, namely the mid, to get the win you still have to destroy the enemy’s main tower. This mode is mostly played for fun or even a waste of time, because in this mode your win rate will not change if you lose.

4. VS A.I.

A mode that is perfect for beginners so they can get better at playing, in this mode you can learn your favorite hero skills so that you can understand more about playing. This mode has 3 options that allow you to practice, namely:

• Classic

• Brawl

• Draft Pick

This mode doesn’t affect your win rate at all, guys. This mode is also commonly used for fun after often getting beaten or even used if you miss the call for savage that you find hard to get in other modes.

5. Custom

This mode can be used for sparring between squads, sparring between squads aimed at finding out the ability of the squad you have, or it can also be used to practice playing. This one mode also doesn’t affect your win rate at all, guys.

6. Arcade

Of course Moonton will not let you get bored playing the Mobile Legend game, in this arcade mode there are other modes that you can play and have different excitement, guys. Some of the modes that you can find in this arcade mode are:

• Magic Chess

Strategy games are like playing chess.

• Survival

Games like PUBG where 99 players are allowed to fight on 1 map.

• Mirror

A fight between 5 against 5 with the same hero as the team.

• Deathbattle

A game where you can change heroes when they die.

• Mayhem

In this mode, your favorite hero has more powerful skills.

• Evolve

Never played as a minion, right? play and feel.

• Ravage

Play in a small map to get points.

• Brawl & Mirror

Playing Brawl with heroes is the same as the team.

• Chess-TD

The game is more similar to tower defense.

Are you curious about the arcade modes? Login and try the modes in the arcade, admin guarantees you will have more fun playing Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

How curious enough, right? try to play other modes so that you don’t get too stressed playing. The modes provided by Moonton will not disappoint you and will certainly be fun to play.

Author: Bella Knight