Easily Increase Call of Duty Battle Royale Rankings

Holaa gamers, how are you guys? How has your BR rank gone up yet? Okay, on this occasion the admin will leak tips and tricks that you can use in playing BR on Call of Duty so that your rank can be increased easily. After yesterday the admin gave an explanation of the classes in this game, of course you will find it easier to win in playing.

Of course, it will be very interesting to be able to increase your BR rank, because you can get attractive skins when you reach Master II in this one game, there are also many attractive prizes that you can get when you reach a higher rank in Call of Duty.

Directly, see the tips and tricks that the admin will give so that you and your squad can run it smoothly, guys.

1. Set the screen level as comfortable as possible

Of course it is an important start so that you can play comfortably, the settings on this screen rule you can make a shooting position which of course makes you comfortable, memorize the locations that you are sure of, so that when playing you don’t forget their location and can play smoothly.

If you want to change your layout rules, you can go to Settings – Controls – BR Mode – Custom Layout, don’t forget to save, guys, you’ll have to set it for a long time then save, guys.

2. Play with friends or Squad

The key to success in other playing is playing with your squad friends, considering that in this game we can come back to life, so playing together has the opportunity to win until the end of the game, guys. playing with a squad can also be useful for deploying tactics to spread, sharing tasks that allow you to easily attack enemies and win the game, of course.

3. Always make sure you get the best item

The items of your choice must be good, guys, there are items available so that your shots get more pain and of course, look for these items and equip your hero and squad so that you can compete during war. You can find the best item in the yellow zone when you land, or you can get it via drop during the game.

4. Class selection in the team

Class selection is also very useful for the continuity of your team in playing, guys, adjust the class with your squad and arrange a good strategy to attack using these classes. The following are some of the classes that Admi explained yesterday.

• Tricster

• Scout

• Clown

• Medic

• Ninja

• Defender

• Mechanic

• Airbone

• Trap Master

• Poltergeist

5. Always aim for Drop

Like what the admin said earlier, guys, always aim for the drop during the game, you won’t lose if you always aim for the drop, but remember to always be on guard because it’s not just you who are eyeing the drop. Admin can make sure the contents of the drop are the best items when playing, items that are the target of gamers, of course. The admin highly recommends that in one squad you are adept at carrying helicopters because by using helicopters, targeting drop becomes easier and faster, of course.

6. Zones

Last but not least, always pay attention to the zone when playing, guys, you can easily shoot your enemies in the zone when your enemy runs into the zone. It becomes a fortune when you can reach the zone first and the zone is a plateau that allows you to easily monitor the surrounding conditions for sure.

These are the tips and tricks that admin can give to game lovers, use the following tips and tricks and share them with your squad friends so that the game becomes easier to win, team communication is also an important factor in the match, always remind your squad friends to provide information when playing. That’s all the admin has given, I hope this article is useful and helpful for local Call of Duty lovers, thank you.

Author: Bella Knight