Class Functions in Call of Duty

Holaa, my beloved gamers, on this occasion the admin will discuss the battle royale genre game which is now being discussed a lot among gamers. Call of Dutty or what we usually call COD is a game that is no less exciting than PUBG or Freefire, guys, how come? If in PUBG we feel a real game, then the opposite is true in this COD game when playing squad we can be revived, guys.

Of course Call of Dutty was made as attractive as possible so that you lovers of the battle royale genre game can enjoy the game. With various designs and attractive appearances, you will be addicted to playing this one game. The most interesting thing according to the admin is that there are various classes or skills that you can use in the game.

Are there any among you who are still confused about what uses are in these classes, and how to use them? If so, this article will be very suitable for you to understand more about these classes. Okay, let’s just help the admin explain these classes, guys, check it out.

Okay, the admin will immediately discuss the various classes in this Call of Duty game, Check it out.

1. Trickster

This first class is useful for outwitting your opponent, this class when used will cast two shadows like your player guys, that way the enemy will be tricked into shooting your shadows, and that’s when you can freely shoot your opponent’s player and your BAMM gets a definite kill.

2. Scout

When you use this first class, you will fire a scan which will reveal the location of the closest enemy in a certain area. This class will make it easier for you when you arrive at a place and want to check whether the place is safe or not, this class will show the location and position of your opponent in the scan area.

3. Clown

Well, this is one of the highlights, guys, when you use this class it will throw a robot-shaped toy which will eventually turn into a zombie, the number of zombies issued is 3 and if an enemy is near you, the zombies will chase your enemy. unique and very helpful right? This class counts a lot that uses.

4. Medic

Class one is also not much useful when playing, when you use this class, you will get a short time to add blood when fighting and you can create an area where if you and your friends are in that area you will get additional blood, guys.

5. Ninja

As the name suggests, this class can make you play like a ninja, how come? This class allows you to shoot ropes that will take you to the area you shoot at, just like Spiderman. You can easily go up to the roof of the house and it is also useful for chasing or running away.

6. Defender

This first class will make you like tank guys, when used you will get a shield that will emit a flash that will dazzle the enemy in front of you. Not only that, when you use this class, your defense will also increase. Useful, right? This class allows you to survive longer guys.

7. Mechanic

Attacking the drone will make it difficult for the enemy, when you use this class, you will issue a drone that will chase the enemy in a certain area and not only that, this drone will slow down enemy movements and reduce enemy blood too, guys.

8. Airbone

This first class will make it easy for you to monitor enemies, make it easier for you to move when you go to the zone and can be used to go to high places, of course. This class will issue a large thrower that you can use 4 times according to the number of one team, namely 4 people, you will be thrown upwards and you are free anywhere.

9. Trap Master

Class one is also not much useful guys, when you are in a house or open space, you can issue an electric trap that will reduce enemy blood and make enemies slow, useful for the last moments to chase victory, guys.

10. Poltergeist

This class is relatively new and has a function that allows you to temporarily disappear and makes it easier for you to rush enemies or run away. This class will make your movement easier because when you use this class you will spike more when you run.

Which class do you excel in playing? All classes will make it easier for you to play depending on the situation in which you are using it. Enjoy playing guys, I hope this article is useful.

Author: Bella Knight