Become an Interior Designer in this Game!

This game is called Homescapes, as the name suggests, this game will be around the ‘home’ business.

In accordance with the theme, this Homescapes game has a home center, where you have the task of accompanying Justin to clean up Justin’s parents’ house. Justin’s parents have a house that has been unoccupied for a long time, when Justin and his parents want to live in the house, the house is very uninhabitable. So, Justin has the determination to improve the house so that it is nice and comfortable to live in.

This Homescapes game will make you feel as if you are a home interior designer, you will have the authority to design Justin’s parents’ house the way you want. For example, you can choose the color, pattern and texture of the furniture that you have found from completing the stages of this Homescapes game. Then, how do you play this Homescapes game?

The way to play it is to find and make several series of the same type or color. It could be that the series consists of a series of 3 of the same type, which is elongated, horizontal or vertical. A series of 4 of the same type, which is elongated, horizontal or vertical. A series of 5 of the same type, which is elongated, horizontal or vertical. Also, a series of 4 of the same kind, which forms a square.

From a series of 4 pieces upwards, you will get help that can make it easier for you to complete the stages. When you make a long series of 4, you will get an ‘arrow’, which when used, will clear 1 row or 1 column. When you make a series of 5 long shapes, you get a “disco ball”, this “disco ball” will make it easier for you if you want to eliminate 1 kind or 1 color entirely, all the pieces will disappear. If, there are 2 “disco balls”, you can remove all the pieces. Lastly, if you make a series of 4 like a square, you will get a ‘paper airplane’. This “paper airplane” will freely remove 1 type or color, while the 2 “paper planes” combined will remove 3 types or colors. Very helpful, right?

Apart from the help that you can get from the stages of the game, you can also get from the tasks you are doing. You will also get a heart, this heart is limited, there are only 5, if used, it takes time to get it again. However, don’t be sad, you can get unlimited hearts within a period of time. For example, an infinite heart for 3 hours, and this in the accumulated. Mimin never got up to 17 hours. Hehe.

This Homescapes game, according to Mimin, is a very simple game and you can play it if you are bored. Because this Homescapes game is a casual type of game, you don’t need to be tired of thinking, don’t need to use heart attack, don’t need to be afraid of a plot twist, you don’t need to be annoyed, especially if your teammates play badly. This is a peaceful game.

In addition to an explanation of how the game works in these stages, Mimin also wants to discuss that the Homescapes game has very cute graphics and there are various choices of very varied furniture so you can make the house of Justin’s parents like the house of your dreams. In this Homescapes game there is also Justin’s dream woman. So, you will also help Justin to get the woman of his dreams. Apart from human characters, there are also pets that you can choose to accompany you, so that they will continue to be with you in playing this Homescapes game, these pets are also very adorable, you know.

So, how is it? You already understand, right, what kind of game is Homescapes? If you are bored with toys that keep hitting you, maybe you can take a break and try this Homescapes game. Enough of the explanation for this time. Already ah, Mimin wants to change the color of the carpet first. Bye!

Author: Bella Knight