Adventure Time Heroes, Cartoon Network’s Newest Exciting Game

Surely you Cartoon Network lovers are really looking forward to this one game, right? Yuhuu, good news from Cartoon Network together with goGame has launched this latest game called Adventure Time Heroes which you can download via Google Play and your Apple App Store, guys. This Adventure Time Heroes game is a Turn Based RPG type, considering that this type of game is very popular in the market, but of course there are several different modes compared to other Turn Based RPG games.

Adventure Time Heroes has advantages such as interactive gameplay and lots of characters that you can play in this one game. Little People is an episode that inspires the side story contained in the Adventure Time Heroes game, when Finn finds a sack containing a miniature of his friends and enemies, the game will start.

Lich has the goal of destroying all the bricks by gathering his evil troops and starting to destroy the warfare, Lich becomes your main enemy in this Adventure Time Heroes game and you have to build a victorious army so that Lich’s plan to destroy the civilization will fail.

Start downloading this exciting game, and help Finn get a strong team and can thwart Lich the evil plan. After you download the Adventure Time Heroes game, you will start a little tutorial to be able to enter the game, not playing games as well as login prizes given to new users of this game where you will get:

• Day 1 login you will get a 4 star epic speed – Weapon

• Day 2 login you will get 4 epic speed – Shield

• Day 3 of login you will get 4 epic speed – Helmet

• Day 4 login you will get 4 epic speed – Body

• Day 5 login you will get 4 epic speed – Gauntlets

• Day 6 Logins you will get 4 epic speed – boots

And of course you will get a hero on the 7th day, namely breakfast princes. Not a wasted gift, right.

Play and always get prizes given from the daily login that you have, guys.

The innovation contained in the Adventure Time Heroes game is in the form of a Frontier with a Turn Based combat system which is certainly very exciting, that’s not all, guys, this Adventure Time Heroes game has 80 stories in adventure mode, clan war, as many dugeons, PVP Arena, as well. kn game mode guys that Adventure Time Heroes can provide.

The characters in Adventure Time Heroes also vary, not only the good characters, the enemy characters are also various, guys, it will be even more exciting if you play it directly.

The way to strengthen your hero is easy, you will be faced with a variety of Trinkets, Acccessories and materials to be able to increase and increase the damage generated by your hero. The uniqueness of the skills of each hero is also very important to play and find combos so that the skills can destroy the enemy in 2 – 3 movements.

Another way for you to get good items is to create or join another squad, guys, joining a squad has the advantage of being able to work together to organize daily activities and clan achivment which of course will be very helpful when looking for it.

In the film, Jake & Fin never looks like a hero, right? yep in the film there is a storyline that makes us even more curious and carried away with the excitement in it, no, this one film is not only favored by children, but many teenagers also watch it, to watch this one film you must have HBO first , because this film will not possibly be broadcast in our beloved country, Indonesia. Okay, that’s all the admin can discuss about the Adventure Time Heroes game. Admin thinks this game will be very exciting to play, so what are you waiting for, start downloading and playing this game.

Author: Bella Knight